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A constant seeker of new information to better understand the world around me, I'm amazed of what I still don't know.  In the past few years I have started learning about astronomy, native plants, grasses, fresh water fish, and Hereford Show Cattle. I found a mentor who taught me taxidermy to better understand the anatomy of our Texas WhiteTail Deer and came up with a different way to showcase these beautiful animals.  I thank God everyday for the gift of being a steward to this world that has been entrusted to us. 

Champion Livestock Portraits 

Handpainted Deer Mounts 

Environmental, God's Collection 


Art is a personal experience, please contact me directly if you are interested in purchasing a piece you have seen on the site. 


About Bridget 

Bridget Langdale is an unbridled spirit, Texas born Woman, known for her intellectual artistic and business pursuits. Lover of tradition and yet a seeker of new traditions, all….while thriving in this new changing world.  Like most artists, her work continues to evolve.  Her awards and encouragement of her art took a back seat when she took on the responsibility of raising her son and then moved through a slow fifteen year recovery of an illness. She is now refocused on her art and has started painting.  Using impressionistic realism to convey emotion and a relationship with the painting and the viewer.  A seeker of new methods always seeking ways to express the spirit, soul, and life through her art.  

Artist Bio

Community Involvement 

Being an Ambassador of her community is very important to Bridget.  


Promoting other businesses/events in the area through her B&B/Guesthouse  


Paint N Sip

Plan an event with Bridget for a group of five to ten people at $30 per person. Contact her by phone or text to set a date. 

Youth Art Camp

This program is offered in the Summer with two sessions. 

Paint N Sip
Youth Art Camp
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